Previous meeting topics

Meeting Topics

This is a list of speakers and topics at WOLAS meetings from 2004 to 2010

David Arditti Astronomy from Paris

Ian Morison  Proving Einstein Right

Stewart Moore Galaxies

Richard Hook How to make a Hubble image

Alan Longstaff Lives of the stars

Kaustav Bhattacharya Imaging

Dr Allan Chapman Harriot to Hubble – Telescopes

Roberto Soria Black Holes

Graham Marrett Galileo

Max Alexander Explorers of the Universe

David Arditti History of Cosmology

Tom Scott Radio astronomy

Robin Scagell, Martin Lewis Introduction to Deep Sky Observing

Prof Carl Murray The View From Saturn: Images from the Cassini Spacecraft

Prof. Barrie Jones Pluto

Jerry Stone Would you believe we put a man on the Moon?

Members Who Wants to be an Astronomer? (Quiz)

Nick Howes Three sides of the Sun

Robin Scagell Choosing your telescope

Colin Pillinger Space is a Funny Place

Members How I got interested in astronomy

Bob Mizon Light Pollution FAQs

Andy Burns The Herschel Dynasty

Will Gater Hubble -- not just pretty pictures

Members Eclipse roundup

Ian Ridpath Star Tales

David Arditti Astrophotography from the City

Janet Drew Milky Way Survey

Mike Dryland Working the Line -- RGO

Robin Scagell 20 things you didn't know about astronomy

Dr Isobel Hook Next Generation of Large Telescopes

John Naylor Out of the Blue

David Arditti Setting-up a Small Observatory

Prof. Iwan Williams         Our Solar System -- 1967-2007

Members 40th Anniversary meeting

Helen Walker Seeing the Invisible -- Infrared Astronomy

Martin Lewis AGM plus The Eye

Robin Scagell Stargazing with Binoculars

Roger O'Brien 40 Years of Cosmology

Glen Cowan Antimatter

Tony Marsh The Sky is Falling

Members' Quiz

Ian Crawford Interstellar Travel

Martin Andrews Extrasolar Planets

Lucie Green The Sun

Jerry Stone Space Colonies

Bob Mizon Time and the Stars

Members AGM/Room 101

Nick King Astrophotography from Harrow

Members Solar eclipse roundup

Konrad Malin-Smith         Magellanic Cloiuds

Simon Green Stardust Mission

Ollie Penrice Getting Away from it All

Robin Catchpole Overview of Astronomy

John Murray Mars Express

Chris Lintott Cosmology for the Terrified

Bob Lambourne Time travelling

Robin Scagell Eclipse DVD

Martin Lewis AGM + Getting the Most from your Telescope

Andrew Coates Cassini Mission

Chris Riley The Making of Space Odyssey

Greg Smye-Rumsby         A Forgotten Telescope

Members Astrophotography

Jerry Stone Huygens Mission

Guy Hurst Star Clusters

Members' Back garden observing

Ian Morison Jodrell is Looking Up

John Griffiths 35 years of Astronomy

Jerry Stone Views of the Moon